Since Indonesia, USA, Dutch under control of UN took control and took over West Papua ( West New Guinea) in 1963 by New York Agreement, it’s leaved a numbers of problem in this Island. Many West Papua have been killed, disappeared, and jailed under Indonesian’s power of law, sponsored by USA.
The US sent a diplomatic delegation to the island to oversee talks between Jakarta and Papua's Dutch administrators, and in 1969 the United Nations sponsored a referendum, known as the "Act of Free Choice", to decide whether the island would become independent. Because only around 1,000 Papuans voted in the event, most Papuans feel the referendum was neither free nor representative. So that’s why West Papuan People called the “Act of Free Choice is Act of No choice”, because its done under supervision and gun point to the electors to who were appointed by Indonesia to elect Indonesian government wants.
After new orde (orde baru) fallen down in Suharto Regime, West Papua began to press their views and opinion in public freely that they want to be free from Indonesia, West Papua demanded referendum rather then peace dialogue with Indonesia.
West Papua have different background of history from other country as (Acheh) RMS (Ambonis), Timor Leste, and other colonial country. West Papua has own government have been ran started since 1 July 1971 and has legal constitution to run the country.
In anniversary of West Papua Independence day on 1 July 2010 we West Papua who spread around the world would like to ask all Melanesian people to support our struggle for Independence, because annexation of West Papua to Indonesia fully Melanesian human right abuses and illegally occupied by USA, DUTCH, Indonesia under Power of United Nations control for interest of their country.
By this writing I am on behalf of our Melanesian family regionally, West Papua specially I would like to invite all Melanesian country to be united for protect their country, family, resources and human right.
Final resolution for West Papuan People is review of the status of West Papua in international Court of Justice seeking a judgment on the legality of the 1969 “Act of Free Choice”.
I this stage, no dialogue, understanding both side and so on.. the only way to finalized the illegal occupation violation of human right in West Papua is achievement and or totally transfer of sovereignty.
We have to say enough to other country to take control, pressure our country to not take an act to support their family in one country, one culture, one ancient. We have to stand together because separated we fall.
Free West Papua Organisation Functionaries Office.
Pacific Island.
Tary Karoba

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