Civilians in the name of John Perros, was shot in the stomach by the Indonesian Military Forces, on 19 september 2014

--- Member NABIRE Indonesian National Army (TNI) units of Special Forces (Kopassus) who served in Nabire back shooting dead civilians in the name of John Perros, the incident happened on 19 september yesterday, today The bodies are still in the hospital morgue , it is reported by humanitarian and activist KNPB activists Crew Nabire region.

John Perros was shot dead in the area of ​​highway 74 kilometers Nabire to Paniai, for no apparent reason military personnel firing directly to the victim.

Thus, the victim suffered bullet penetrated the right rear of the fore rib, front bottom to gut out. victim under the Nabire hospital for autopsy.

Furthermore, the incidence of the Case menengai chronological place up to this moment no, if there is we will proclaim.

And other sources also reported that, "They shoot the big guns that we use to fold it. A man wearing a white shirt and a black shirt person. Did not know the army or police because they suddenly from behind a line of cars, I think the rear of the car, "Natalis said Tigi. reported

Natalis testified, "I shoot first weapon. But, I ran into the times and wiped my bullets had hair. If I do not bow, I must first see-through head die. Him (Videlis Perros) in the back and hit the bullet from penetrating spine in stomach and he died. "

He further tells, "It's way above so, we run down, to the times. Their two positions above. Shot from top to bottom under the bridge. To our run somewhere else. Was we are not opposed to anything, they play shoot straight. "

Peter Dogomo, Natalis TIGI, and Sariawagi said, they were shot about 6 times. "There are a lot of shots, approximately six times that. We are afraid and ran to time, so do not memorize how many times the shot. Upon firing, they came back," said Peter Dogomo.

Another source, said residents in KM 74, in the area no one else. "There was no one else who had guns. Existing weapons yes, we know all to, military-owned companies that keep Lord Krishna and post the Indonesian National Army (TNI) of Battalion 753 at KM 100," the source said.

The number of military personnel who came to the hospital, Human Rights activist Meepago Papua region, Yones Douw spontaneously said, "This is how the pack. Cross the road just like this shot. Usually there are warning one, two and three. They are not animals, this human pack. "

This afternoon, the bodies Videlis (John) Rochers which has been buried in Nabire hospital since yesterday it has been washed and put into a coffin. The family has brought home a corpse to the funeral home in the village Siriwini Nabire.

Why Videlis (John) Rochers Shot Dead?

Natalis TIGI explained, the next morning, Thursday (09/18/14) At approximately 05:00 local time, a speeding car in a residential complex KM 74 crashed into a pig belonging to the victim, Videlis (John) Rochers and pig was dead.

"We have long lived here (KM 74: ed.) We got home, garden, pigs are all here," said Peter Dogomo.

Peter explained, the victim (Videlis Perros) with a number of youth, Natalis TIGI and Sariawagi not received by this incident. Especially for those pigs Mee is a valuable livestock and high value.

Described, it was agreed to barred the main road at KM 74 and demanded money voluntarily to the driver that crossed the road to redress.

"We only ask for voluntary only. Others, dogs hit the crossbar and pay big ask.'s Hit-and-pig, we only ask for voluntary," he said.

He said, the next morning the car from Nabire to the interior through a lot. Similarly, the opposite of the direction of the interior. But, he said, began late in the morning, from inland to the city began to decrease.

"Pas 3 o'clock (15 o'clock local time), a lot of cars come and queue length to the back. At that time, suddenly from behind the long line of the two men came carrying a weapon and shoot us," he said.

Videlis (Jhon) Rochers (36) died on the spot and left 3 beloved wife, Petronela Dumupa, Nella Giay, and Rokesia Goo.

Nabire Police Chief Admits Videlis (John) Shot

Nabire District Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner confirmed majalahselangkah.commelalui Tagor Hutape when his cell phone this afternoon, confirmed the incident.

"Yesterday, we were to the top of the pack. I, Mr. Dandim, and Danyon. Approximately 10 hours there crossbar. Pas around 12 noon there were two people, a white dress and a black dress, down from the car and did the shooting," said Police Chief .

Furthermore, said Superintendent Tagor Hutape, "Those two (Performer) back towards the interior. An hour later there was a report that someone died at the scene. Last night we brought to the Nabire hospital and an autopsy has been definitely the gunshot wounds," he said .

"Obviously it was a pack of gunshot wounds," he said.

AKBP Tagor Hutape said it is looking into the shooter.

Police Chief, the military commander, the Commission requested Reveal Culprit

Willem Rochers, the victim's family, urged the military commander of Paradise, Kepolda Papua, and the National Commission on Human Rights to immediately reveal both the perpetrator of this penembaan.

"We want the perpetrators to be revealed to the public. We want justice for the crossbar just been shot.'s Beyond the limits of humanity," said Willem were also legislators Nabire.

His first wife, Petronela Dumupa, tearfully asking gunner husband was arrested and given a punishment appropriate actions.

"We do not hit or kill people. We got hit by a pig, so we cross to ask for voluntary contributions from a passing car to compensation. Rather, they directly shoot my husband and die. I want to kill this man arrested, I want to see him and he had a wife and children, "said Petronela Dumupa with tears. (Yermias Degei / MS) (UN / Admin)


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