West Papua rebel General reaches out for support in ousting Indonesian forces from his home island

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West Papua rebel General reaches out for support in ousting Indonesian forces from his home island

(Casper, Wyo.) – Wyoming is not a likely place to garner support for a conflict that has been running for over 50 years, but for the commander of West Papua indigenous forces, Wyoming is a great jumping off point.
141121_thegeneral2Thirty-four-year-old General John Anari of the West Papua Liberation Army and chairman of the West Papua Liberation organization came to the United States and Wyoming to seek aid in ousting Indonesian forces from his country. With help from Wyoming’s own self-described Soldier of Fortune, Thomas Bleming, General Anari hopes to educate the US in what he describes as genocide and enslavement of his people.
“General Anari is exploring all options, but he is not going to wait forever,” said Bleming. “The revolution is going to march forward; it is going to be victorious in the end.”

With the help of Bleming and the United Nations data experts, General Anari has been able to establish an office within the UN for the purpose of expanding education of the West Papuan struggle against Indonesia. The goal of all of their efforts is to create a sovereign West Papua, a place where the indigenous people can live and work without the threat of kidnapping or death, he said.

“They don’t like to separate the island, my people in West Papua, they hope to be one nation,” said General Anari. “Today we fight and we fight for West Papua only.”
General Anari will be speaking with representatives in the Governor’s office and media organizations throughout the country.


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