Indigenous Peoples Balim La pago Papua Protest Accused Separation

Indigenous Peoples Balim La pago Papua Protest Accused Separation

Write By Chandra Harimurti
Editor By Admin La Pago

Detention and examination process is done to excess is the pressure and terror.

JAKARTA, - Indigenous people Balim La-pago in Papua protest filed on charges of treason to the Chairman of the Tribal Council Lani, Areki Winimbo. Police arrested Areki Jayawijaya together two farmers, one activist and two foreign journalists. 

Traditional Council of Balim La-pago, Lemok Mabel explained they were arrested along Areki is Deni Dow farmers, farmers' Jornus Wenda, education activists Ahky Logo, reporter and journalist Thomas Charles Valentine Baurrat. They were arrested on Wednesday (6/8) and then at 14.00 CET. Before the arrest, Jayawijaya conduct search and seizure of evidence.

 "They were arrested and detained without going through the proper procedures, the process of arrest, search, seizure and detention by members of the police in Wamena, Jayawijaya district full of engineering and not in accordance with the mechanisms and legal procedures," said Lemok in a statement on Saturday (23 / 8). Lemok describes the process of detention and examination is done to excess pressure and terror.

 They were held in separate places. Two foreign journalists arrested August 6 evening, while three civilians were arrested the next day in Jayawijaya. But they were discharged. The chairman of the Tribal Council Lani, Areki Winimbo retained and designated as tengsangka. Police accused Areki Jayawijaya kar acts with members of armed groups there.

"The charges alleged plot to Lani Great chieftain very unnatural and not proven. Examination of Areki conducted under police pressure hinga he signed the interrogation and arrest warrant," said Lemok. Lemok told me, after the arrest of community leaders and chiefs in three major regions, namely the Yali tribe, tribe Hubula, and Lani tribe audience with Jayawijaya, August 12 yesterday. But failed.

 "Police Jayawijaya choose hostile to the people of the three major tribes," said Lamok. Police Treat Jayawijaya not the first time this is done to Indigenous Balim La-pago. Earlier in the year 2008 were shooting to members of the indigenous peoples Baliem, Opinus Tabuni, then Ismail Lokobal in 2010. In 2012 also carried out an arson attack on Indigenous Peoples office Balim La-pago by police. Thus Indigenous Balim La-pago states do not believe the attitude of police performance Jayawijaya. He asked Jayawijaya liberate Areki, 3 civilians and 2 foreigners. They also asked the police to stop doing the calling of the indigenous people.

 "The charges against Areki Wanimbo with treason and pick the relationship with the two foreigners untrue and baseless and void. It must be canceled by operation of law," said Lemok. (Chm / It)


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