Ready Papuan youth Refuse and Jihad Against FUI

 Ready Papuan youth Refuse and Jihad Against FUI
Chairman of the Youth Movement Forum Papua Baptist (FGPBP), Turius Wenda represent Christian youth organization in Papua deplores misleading provocative statements from Muslim Forum (FUI) on December 23, 2011 which states will strive to 'maintain' Papua.

According Turius, handling conflict in Papua can actually be resolved by the Indonesian government, so there is no organization or institution can unilaterally government intervention, especially for problem resolution Papua.

"Should they [FUI] know and understand the root causes of Papua. if you do not know do not talk carelessly Papua issue. because of statements like this can be fatal or lead to racial conflicts or religious conflict. "he said in Jayapura, on Monday (26/11/2011).

Moreover he said, the problem is not really a problem Papua eating - drinking that often they [FUI] naturally in their area, but this is a matter of ideology and history that full integration of controversy and deception. So normal that the Papua issue could not finish by the way - through violence or through jihad, often in propounded by radical groups that desire to do so for the sake of her dream to make this country into an Islamic state.

He continued, the statement 'jihad in Papua' which in catapult Advisory Council Chairman FUI Rizieq Shihab, Muhammad Al Khathath and Former Chairman of the Legal Aid Foundation Munarman is a severe blow and highly discriminatory statements for the religious minorities in Indonesia, especially Christians in Papua

"Harmony religious communities in Papua has been established and maintained from the beginning, so that any person who dismantle and undermine this harmony, then all the people who live in Papua must resist and reject the issue of jihad as FUI statement some time ago." He said.

Unfortunate because this statement is just a comment without foundation that can trigger religious sentiments. This sentiment can be seen from their actions during the time in Ambon, Maluku. The issues they raise in Maluku is the action that they stamp as action 'against RMS' that they associate with Christians in Maluku. Especially seeing their statements are blindly accusing the Vatican church in Papua and Papua supporters of the referendum.

For him, the Papuan leaders and church leaders together elements of peace lovers are trying to resolve the conflict in Papua in a peaceful and dignified, so that Christians in Papua will not give an opening to turn the violent methods that only harm Papuans. including Islamic Jihad approach militarism and violence.

Papuan youth ready 'jihad'

Wenda Turius emphatically said, "if the call for jihad and violence in Papua realized the youths of all elements of religious communities in Papua will strongly oppose and fight".

We also appealed to all religious communities in Papua do not easily terporvokasi racial issues and jihad in Papua, and is expected to create a sense of peace and security every where we are, because Papua is a land of peace.

In line with Turius, Buctar Tabuni, chairman of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) expressed readiness to wage jihad against the intolerant who want to undermine peace in Papua.

"We are ready for jihad in Papua, where Muslim Forum would strive in Papua." He said via cell to Vote Baptist Papua, on Tuesday (27/11/2011).

Tabuni added, crazy statement Muslim Forum that will be resisted to avoid Papua. Because, if it occurred in Papua, it will result in a conflict of religion...


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